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Supernova Physics at DUNE

March 11-12, 2016 at Virginia Tech.

The "Supernova physics at DUNE" workshop will be held from the morning of March 11th, 2016, until the early afternoon of March 12th, 2016, at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg campus).

Recent advances in the LBNF/DUNE effort have brought new focus on low-energy neutrino physics. The objectives of this two-day focused workshop are to discuss: (1) the low-energy capabilities of DUNE, (2) the recent status of supernova physics, and (3) the potential impacts of DUNE for unraveling the physics of supernovae in future Galactic core-collapse neutrino datasets, including the physics of cross sections and backgrounds that are required to deliver science.

The workshop will bring together theorists and experimentalists at this promising intersection, and will be modeled to provide a venue for stimulating exchange of scientific ideas and information among experts in different areas.

To maintain a lively discussion-oriented workshop, we would like to limit the number of participants. We kindly ask you to register using the link on the right at your earliest convenience.

Speakers include:
Artur Ankowski (VT)
Omar Benhar (INFN Roma)
JJ Cherry (VT)
Yanou Cui (Perimeter)
Alex Friedland (SLAC)
Ines Gil-Botella (CIEMAT)
Jim Kneller (NCSU)
Ranjan Laha (SLAC)
Shirley Li (OSU)
Alessandro Lovato (ANL)
Anthony Mezzacappa (ORNL)
Evan O'Connor (NCSU)
Erin O'Sullivan (Duke)
Andre Rubbia (ETH)
Kate Scholberg (Duke)


Online registration ends February 19th, 2016

To register - here

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