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CUORE Experiment Reaches Major Milestone

The Cryogenic Observatory for Rare Events experiment (or CUORE) reached a major milestone recently, when all 19 of the detector modules (called towers), consisting of 988 TeO2 crystals and weighing almost 750 kg, were safely installed in the cryostat. Preparations are now underway cool the towers to their operating temperature of 10 mK, which is a hundredth of a degree above absolute zero. The experiment will search for neutrinoless double beta decay, a hypothetical but theoretically well motivated process eagerly sought by particle physicists to deepen our understanding of neutrino masses and possibly discover lepton number violation. Related processed are key ingredients in theories that attempt to explain the abundance of matter over antimatter in the Universe. CNP's Professor Thomas O'Donnell led CUORE tower construction and was a key member of the installation team.

The full CUORE Tower assembly in the the clean room before installation in the cryostat.

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