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CNP Inaugurates New Mobile Neutrino Lab

On February 8th, the Center for Neutrino Physics held a ribbon cutting to introduce its new Mobile Neutrino Lab. This new state-of-the-art facility will transport and host the MiniCHANDLER Detector as it is deployed at the North Anna Nuclear Power plant to demonstrate reactor neutrino detection.

The event was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the great progress in the CHANDLER project and to acknowledge the support of the projects many benefactors, including several organizations within Virginia Tech: The Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science, The College of Science, The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, The College of Engineering and The Institute for Society, Culture and Environment; as well as the National Science Foundation. The ribbon cutting was preceded by brief remarks for CNP director Jonathan Link and followed by light refreshments, including the world's first (or so we assume) Mobile Neutrino Lab cake.

Prof. Jonathan Link speaking at the ribbon cutting for the new Mobile Neutrino Lab.
The Mobile Neutrino Lab in cake and frosting. VT Physics major Cassie Izzi explains CHANDLER to her classmates.

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