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Prof. Minic Gets Grant from the Schwinger Foundation

The Julian Schwinger Foundation has awarded a $60,000 grant to CNP's Djordje Minic and his collaborators, Laurent Freidel of Perimeter Institute and Robert G. Leigh od the University of Illinois, that will be used to enhance their already existing collaborative effort through travel support (over the next 2 years), for travel between their respective home institutions and for conference-related travel.

Freidel, Leigh and Minic have been doing research on the foundations of quantum theory and string theory, which builds on the prescient work of Julian Schwinger, and also on the work of Yakir Aharonov and collaborators, on the subject of modular variables in quantum theory. Very recently, Freidel, Leigh and Minic have found a novel geometry that underlies such a generic modular picture of quantum theory, which also points towards a new approach to the problem of quantum gravity. At the moment Freidel, Leigh and Minic are investigating in more detail the modular geometry of generic representations of quantum theory, including a modular representation of quantum field theory and the metastring formulation of quantum gravity.

Prof. Djordje Minic

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