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CUORE Sets New Limits on Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

The CUORE Collaboration, with Virgina Tech professor Tommy O'Donnell, published new limits on the the neutrinoless double beta decay of the 130Te isotope in Physical Review Letters. Based on an accumlated 372.5 kg years of data, these new results extend the limit on the neutrinoless double beta decay half-life of 130 to greater then 3.2x1025 years, and limit the effective Majorana mass to less then 75 to 350 meV, depending on the nuclear matrix element.

After a period of detector maintenance and optimization, CUORE is stably collecting data at a rate of 50 kg years/month. The experiment is a proof of the power and scalability of the bolometric technique to the ton scale. Recent developments in scintillating crystals demonstrate the technology for a future zero-background search. These advances will be exploited in the next generation bolometric experiment, CUPID, which will reuse the CUORE cryostat and infrastructure.

Prof. Tommy O'Donnell

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