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Preprints in the Database

  1. Cuore Sensitivity to $0\nu\beta\beta$ Decay, CUORE Collaboration: C. Alduino, et al., arXiv:1705.10816 [physics.ins-det].
  2. Fluid-dynamics in the Borexino Neutrino Detector: behavior of a pseudo-stably-stratified, near-equilibrium closed system under asymmetrical, changing boundary conditions, David Bravo-Bergu\~no, Riccardo Mereu, Robert Bruce Vogelaar, Fabio Inzoli, arXiv:1705.09658 [physics.ins-det].
  3. Noise Characterization and Filtering in the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon TPC, MicroBooNE collaboration: R. Acciarri, et al., arXiv:1705.07341 [physics.ins-det].
  4. Cryogenic Characterization of FBK RGB-HD SiPMs, C. E. Aalseth, et al., arXiv:1705.07028 [physics.ins-det].
  5. $A$-dependence of quasielastic charged-current neutrino-nucleus cross sections, Nils Van Dessel, Natalie Jachowicz, Ra\'ul Gonz\'alez-Jim\'enez, Vishvas Pandey and Tom Van Cuyck, arXiv:1704.07817 [nucl-th].
  6. Michel Electron Reconstruction Using Cosmic-Ray Data from the MicroBooNE LArTPC, MicroBooNE collaboration: R. Acciarri, et al., arXiv:1704.02927 [physics.ins-det].
  7. The Monte Carlo simulation of the Borexino detector, M. Agostini, et al., arXiv:1704.02291 [physics.ins-det].
  8. Evolution of the Reactor Antineutrino Flux and Spectrum at Daya Bay, F. P. An, et al., arXiv:1704.01082 [hep-ex].
  9. Determination of muon momentum in the MicroBooNE LArTPC using an improved model of multiple Coulomb scattering, MicroBooNE collaboration: P. Abratenko, et al., arXiv:1703.06187 [physics.ins-det].
  10. Dark Matter Search Results from the PICO-60 C$_3$F$_8$ Bubble Chamber, C. Amole, et al., arXiv:1702.07666 [astro-ph.CO].
  11. T-Branes at the Limits of Geometry, Lara B. Anderson, Jonathan J. Heckman, Sheldon Katz, Laura Schaposnik, arXiv:1702.06137 [hep-th].
  12. Determining reactor fuel type from continuous antineutrino monitoring, Patrick Jaffke and Patrick Huber, arXiv:1612.06494 [physics.ins-det].
  13. Electroweak single-pion production off the nucleon: from threshold to high invariant masses, R. Gonz\'alez-Jim\'enez, N. Jachowicz, J. Nys, V. Pandey, T. Van Cuyck, and N. Van Dessel, arXiv:1612.05511 [nucl-th].
  14. Physics Potentials with the Second Hyper-Kamiokande Detector in Korea, Hyper-Kamiokande proto-collaboration: K. Abe, et al., arXiv:1611.06118 [hep-ex].
  15. CALIS - a CALibration Insertion System for the DarkSide-50 dark matter search experiment, P. Agnes, et al., arXiv:1611.02750 [physics.ins-det].
  16. Ratchet Baryogenesis with an Analogy to the Forced Pendulum, Kazuharu Bamba, Neil D. Barrie, Akio Sugamoto, Tatsu Takeuchi, Kimiko Yamashita, arXiv:1610.03268 [hep-ph].

Publications in the Database

  1. Seasonal Modulation of the $^7$Be Solar Neutrino Rate in Borexino, BOREXINO, M. Agostini, et al., Astropart.Phys. 92 (2017) 21-29, arXiv:1701.07970 [hep-ex].
  2. Closing in on Resonantly Produced Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter, John F. Cherry, Shunsaku Horiuchi, Phys.Rev. D95 (2017) no.8, 083015, arXiv:1701.07874 [hep-ph].
  3. Design and Construction of the MicroBooNE Detector, MicroBooNE, R. Acciarri, et al., JINST 12 (2017) no.02, P02017, arXiv:1612.05824 [physics.ins-det].
  4. Cosmic-muon characterization and annual modulation measurement with Double Chooz detectors, Double Chooz, T. Abrahão, et al., JCAP 1702 (2017) no.02, 017, arXiv:1611.07845 [hep-ex].
  5. Convolutional Neural Networks Applied to Neutrino Events in a Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber, MicroBooNE, R. Acciarri, et al., JINST 12 (2017) no.03, P03011, arXiv:1611.05531 [physics.ins-det].
  6. Effect of Low Electric Fields on Alpha Scintillation Light Yield in Liquid Argon, DarkSide, P. Agnes, et al., JINST 12 (2017) no.01, P01021, arXiv:1611.00241 [physics.ins-det].
  7. Measurement of electron antineutrino oscillation based on 1230 days of operation of the Daya Bay experiment, Daya Bay, Feng Peng An, et al., Phys.Rev. D95 (2017) 072006, arXiv:1610.04802 [hep-ex].
  8. NEOS Data and the Origin of the 5 MeV Bump in the Reactor Antineutrino Spectrum, Patrick Huber, Phys.Rev.Lett. 118 (2017) no.4, 042502, arXiv:1609.03910 [hep-ph].
  9. Systematic uncertainties in long-baseline neutrino-oscillation experiments, Artur M Ankowski, Camillo Mariani, J.Phys. G44 (2017) no.5, 054001, arXiv:1609.00258 [hep-ph].
  10. Duality group actions on fermions, T. Pantev, E. Sharpe, JHEP 1611 (2016) 171, arXiv:1609.00011 [hep-th].
  11. Multiple Fibrations in Calabi-Yau Geometry and String Dualities, Lara B. Anderson, Xin Gao, James Gray, Seung-Joo Lee, JHEP 1610 (2016) 105, arXiv:1608.07555 [hep-th].
  12. Tools for CICYs in F-theory, Lara B. Anderson, Xin Gao, James Gray, Seung-Joo Lee, JHEP 1611 (2016) 004, arXiv:1608.07554 [hep-th].
  13. Sizable NSI from the SU(2)$_{L}$ scalar doublet-singlet mixing and the implications in DUNE, David V. Forero, Wei-Chih Huang, JHEP 1703 (2017) 018, arXiv:1608.04719 [hep-ph].
  14. Borexino’s search for low-energy neutrino and antineutrino signals correlated with gamma-ray bursts, BOREXINO, M. Agostini, et al., Astropart.Phys. 86 (2017) 11-17, arXiv:1607.05649 [astro-ph.HE].
  15. Improved Measurement of the Reactor Antineutrino Flux and Spectrum at Daya Bay, Daya Bay, Feng Peng An, et al., Chin.Phys. C2017 41, arXiv:1607.05378 [hep-ex].
  16. New Evidence for (0,2) Target Space Duality, Lara B. Anderson, He Feng, J.Phys. A50 (2017) no.6, 064004, arXiv:1607.04628 [hep-th].
  17. Cosmological constraints on dark matter annihilation and decay: Cross-correlation analysis of the extragalactic $\gamma$-ray background and cosmic shear, Masato Shirasaki, Oscar Macias, Shunsaku Horiuchi, Satoshi Shirai, Naoki Yoshida, Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) no.6, 063522, arXiv:1607.02187 [astro-ph.CO].
  18. Limits on Active to Sterile Neutrino Oscillations from Disappearance Searches in the MINOS, Daya Bay, and Bugey-3 Experiments, Daya Bay, MINOS, P. Adamson, et al., Phys.Rev.Lett., Phys.Rev.Lett. 117 (2016) 151801, arXiv:1607.01177 [hep-ex].
  19. Improved Search for a Light Sterile Neutrino with the Full Configuration of the Daya Bay Experiment, Daya Bay, Feng Peng An, et al., Phys.Rev.Lett. 117 (2016) 151802, arXiv:1607.01174 [hep-ex].
  20. Bagger–Witten line bundles on moduli spaces of elliptic curves, Wei Gu, E. Sharpe, Int.J.Mod.Phys. A31 (2016) no.35, 1650188, arXiv:1606.07078 [hep-th].
  21. Yukawa Unification in Heterotic String Theory, Evgeny I. Buchbinder, Andrei Constantin, James Gray, Andre Lukas, Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) no.4, 046005, arXiv:1606.04032 [hep-th].
  22. Electromagnetic signatures of the chiral anomaly in Weyl semimetals, Edwin Barnes, J.J. Heremans, Djordje Minic, Phys.Rev.Lett. 117 (2016) no.21, 217204, arXiv:1606.03739 [cond-mat.mes-hall].
  23. Quantum Spaces are Modular, Laurent Freidel, Robert G. Leigh and Djordje Minic, Phys. Rev. D 94, 104052 (2016), arXiv:1606.01829 [hep-th].
  24. Characterization of the Spontaneous Light Emission of the PMTs used in the Double Chooz Experiment, Double Chooz, Y. Abe, et al., JINST 11 (2016) no.08, P08001, arXiv:1604.06895 [physics.ins-det].
  25. Investigating the Uniformity of the Excess Gamma rays towards the Galactic Center Region, Shunsaku Horiuchi, Manoj Kaplinghat, Anna Kwa, JCAP 1611 (2016) no.11, 053, arXiv:1604.01402 [astro-ph.HE].
  26. Toda-like (0,2) mirrors to products of projective spaces, Zhuo Chen, Eric Sharpe, Ruoxu Wu, JHEP 1608 (2016) 093, arXiv:1603.09634 [hep-th].
  27. Spectral Covers, Integrality Conditions, and Heterotic/F-theory Duality, Lara B. Anderson, J.Singul. 15 (2016) 1-13, arXiv:1603.09198 [hep-th].
  28. New measurement of $\theta_{13}$ via neutron capture on hydrogen at Daya Bay, Daya Bay, F.P. An, et al., Phys.Rev. D93 (2016) no.7, 072011, arXiv:1603.03549 [hep-ex].
  29. The 750 GeV diphoton excess in unified $SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R\times SU(4)$ models from noncommutative geometry, Ufuk Aydemir, Djordje Minic, Chen Sun, Tatsu Takeuchi, Mod.Phys.Lett. A31 (2016) no.18, 1650101, arXiv:1603.01756 [hep-ph].
  30. Effect of the $2p2h$ cross-section uncertainties on an analysis of neutrino oscillations, Artur M. Ankowski, Omar Benhar, Camillo Mariani, Erica Vagnoni, Phys.Rev. D93 (2016) no.11, 113004, arXiv:1603.01072 [hep-ph].
  31. On the Physics of the Minimal Length: The Question of Gauge Invariance, Lay Nam Chang, Djordje Minic, Ahmed Roman, Chen Sun, Tatsu Takeuchi, Int.J.Mod.Phys. A31 (2016) 1630012, arXiv:1602.07752 [hep-th].
  32. The Fermi-LAT gamma-ray excess at the Galactic Center in the singlet-doublet fermion dark matter model, Shunsaku Horiuchi, Oscar Macias, Diego Restrepo, Andres Rivera, Oscar Zapata, Hamish Silverwood, JCAP 1603 (2016) no.03, 048, arXiv:1602.04788 [hep-ph].
  33. Witten Index for Noncompact Dynamics, Seung-Joo Lee, Piljin Yi, JHEP 1606 (2016) 089, arXiv:1602.03530 [hep-th].
  34. Multimessenger signals of long-term core-collapse supernova simulations: synergetic observation strategies, Ko Nakamura, Shunsaku Horiuchi, Masaomi Tanaka, Kazuhiro Hayama, Tomoya Takiwaki, Kei Kotake, Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 461 (2016) no.3, 3296-3313, arXiv:1602.03028 [astro-ph.HE].
  35. Reactor antineutrino fluxes – Status and challenges, Patrick Huber, Nucl.Phys. B908 (2016) 268-278, arXiv:1602.01499 [hep-ph].
  36. Hints for leptonic CP violation or New Physics?, David V. Forero, Patrick Huber, Phys.Rev.Lett. 117 (2016) no.3, 031801, arXiv:1601.03736 [hep-ph].
  37. Improved dark matter search results from PICO-2L Run 2, C. Amole, et al., Phys. Rev. D 93, 061101 (2016), arXiv:1601.03729 [astro-ph.CO].
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