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Preprints in the Database

  1. Interference between the Atmospheric and Solar Oscillation Amplitudes, Patrick Huber, Hisakazu Minakata, Rebekah Pestes, arXiv:1912.02426 [hep-ph].
  2. Using low energy atmospheric neutrinos for precision measurement of the mixing parameters, Hisakazu Minakata, Ivan Martinez-Soler, Kimihiro Okumura, arXiv:1911.10057 [hep-ph].
  3. Sensitivity of the COHERENT Experiment to Accelerator-Produced Dark Matter, COHERENT Collaboration: D. Akimov, et al., arXiv:1911.06422 [hep-ex].
  4. Reconstruction and Measurement of $\mathcal{O}$(100) MeV Energy Electromagnetic Activity from $\pi^0 \rightarrow \gamma\gamma$ Decays in the MicroBooNE LArTPC, MicroBooNE collaboration: C. Adams, et al., arXiv:1910.02166 [hep-ex].
  5. A Method to Determine the Electric Field of Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers Using a UV Laser System and its Application in MicroBooNE, MicroBooNE collaboration: C. Adams, et al., arXiv:1910.01430 [physics.ins-det].
  6. Reevaluating Reactor Antineutrino Anomalies with Updated Flux Predictions, Jeffrey Berryman, Patrick Huber, arXiv:1909.09267 [hep-ph].
  7. Comprehensive geoneutrino analysis with Borexino, M. Agostini, et al., arXiv:1909.02257 [hep-ex].
  8. Neutrino halo effect on collective neutrino oscillation in iron core-collapse supernova model of a 9.6 $M_{\odot}$ star, Masamichi Zaizen, et al., arXiv:1908.10594 [astro-ph.HE].
  9. NuSTAR Tests of Sterile-Neutrino Dark Matter: New Galactic Bulge Observations and Combined Impact, Brandon M. Roach, et al., arXiv:1908.09037 [astro-ph.HE].
  10. Neutrino Detectors as Tools for Nuclear Security, Adam Bernstein, Nathaniel Bowden, Bethany L. Goldblum, Patrick Huber, Igor Jovanovic, John Mattingly, arXiv:1908.07113 [physics.soc-ph].
  11. A proposal for nonabelian (0,2) mirrors, W. Gu, J. Guo, E. Sharpe, arXiv:1908.06036 [hep-th].
  12. On the nature of correlation between neutrino-SM CP phase and unitarity violating new physics parameters, Ivan Martinez-Soler, Hisakazu Minakata, arXiv:1908.04855 [hep-ph].
  13. Measurement of the cross sections for inclusive electron scattering in the E12-14-012 experiment at Jefferson Lab, M. Murphy, et al., arXiv:1908.01802 [hep-ex].
  14. Calibration of the charge and energy response of the MicroBooNE liquid argon time projection chamber using muons and protons, MicroBooNE collaboration: C. Adams, et al., arXiv:1907.11736 [physics.ins-det].
  15. Measurement of the ion fraction and mobility of $^{218}$Po produced in $^{222}$Rn decays in liquid argon, P. Agnes, et al., arXiv:1907.09332 [astro-ph.IM].
  16. White Paper on New Opportunities at the Next-Generation Neutrino Experiments (Part 1: BSM Neutrino Physics and Dark Matter), C.A. Arg\, arXiv:1907.08311 [hep-ph].
  17. More nonabelian mirrors and some two-dimensional dualities, Wei Gu, Hadi Parsian, Eric Sharpe, arXiv:1907.06647 [hep-th].
  18. Heterotic/Heterotic and Heterotic/F-theory Duality, Lara B. Anderson, He Feng, Xin Gao, and Mohsen Karkheiran, arXiv:1907.04395 [hep-th].
  19. GLSMs, joins, and nonperturbatively-realized geometries, Johanna Knapp, Eric Sharpe, arXiv:1907.04350 [hep-th].
  20. Bounds on Cosmic Ray-Boosted Dark Matter in Simplified Models and its Corresponding Neutrino-Floor, James B. Dent, Bhaskar Dutta, Jayden L. Newstead, and Ian M. Shoemaker, arXiv:1907.03782 [hep-ph].
  21. Detectability of Collective Neutrino Oscillation Signatures in the Supernova Explosion of a 8.8 $M_\odot$ star, Hirokazu Sasaki, Tomoya Takiwaki, Shio Kawagoe, Shunsaku Horiuchi and Koji Ishidoshiro, arXiv:1907.01002 [astro-ph.HE].
  22. Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions: A Status Report, P. S. Bhupal Dev, et al., arXiv:1907.00991 [hep-ph].
  23. F-Theory on Quotients of Elliptic Calabi-Yau Threefolds, Lara B. Anderson, James Gray, and Paul-Konstantin Oehlmann, arXiv:1906.11955 [hep-th].
  24. Global aspects of moduli spaces of 2d SCFTs, Ron Donagi, Mark Macerato, Eric Sharpe, arXiv:1906.11254 [hep-th].
  25. Jumping Spectra and Vanishing Couplings in Heterotic Line Bundle Standard Models, James Gray and Juntao Wang, arXiv:1906.09373 [hep-th].

Publications in the Database

  1. First Constraint on Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering in Argon, COHERENT, D. Akimov, et al., Phys.Rev. D100 (2019) no.11, 115020, arXiv:1909.05913 [hep-ex].
  2. Empirical inference on the Majorana mass of the ordinary neutrinos, Stefano Dell'Oro, Simone Marcocci, Francesco Vissani, Phys.Rev. D100 (2019) no.7, 073003, arXiv:1909.05381 [hep-ph].
  3. First Measurement of Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged Current Differential Cross Sections on Argon at $E_\nu\sim$0.8  GeV with the MicroBooNE Detector, MicroBooNE, P. Abratenko, et al., Phys.Rev.Lett. 123 (2019) no.13, 131801, arXiv:1905.09694 [hep-ex].
  4. Precision measurement of the weak charge of the proton, Qweak, D. Androić, et al., Nature 557 (2018) no.7704, 207-211, arXiv:1905.08283 [nucl-ex].
  5. Perturbing Neutrino Oscillations Around the Solar Resonance, Ivan Martinez-Soler, Hisakazu Minakata, PTEP 2019 (2019) no.7, 073B07, arXiv:1904.07853 [hep-ph].
  6. Extraction of the $^{235}$U and $^{239}$Pu Antineutrino Spectra at Daya Bay, Daya Bay, D. Adey, et al., Phys.Rev.Lett. 123 (2019) no.11, 111801, arXiv:1904.07812 [hep-ex].
  7. The CUORE cryostat: an infrastructure for rare event searches at millikelvin temperatures, C. Alduino, et al., Cryogenics 102, 9 (2019), arXiv:1904.05745 [physics.ins-det].
  8. Searching for BSM neutrino interactions in dark matter detectors, Jonathan M. Link, Xun-Jie Xu, JHEP 1908 (2019) 004, arXiv:1903.09891 [hep-ph].
  9. A high precision calibration of the nonlinear energy response at Daya Bay, Daya Bay, D. Adey, et al., Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A940 (2019) 230-242, arXiv:1902.08241 [physics.ins-det].
  10. Inverse Compton emission from millisecond pulsars in the Galactic bulge, Deheng Song, Oscar Macias, Shunsaku Horiuchi, Phys.Rev. D99 (2019) no.12, 123020, arXiv:1901.07025 [astro-ph.HE].
  11. Precision Analysis of the $^{136}$Xe Two-Neutrino $\beta\beta$ Spectrum in KamLAND-Zen and Its Impact on the Quenching of Nuclear Matrix Elements, KamLAND-Zen Collaboration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 192501 (2019), arXiv:1901.03871 [hep-ex].
  12. Design and construction of the MicroBooNE Cosmic Ray Tagger system, MicroBooNE, C. Adams, et al., JINST 14 (2019) no.04, P04004, arXiv:1901.02862 [physics.ins-det].
  13. New Constraints on Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter from $NuSTAR$ M31 Observations, Kenny C.Y. Ng, et al., Phys.Rev. D99 (2019) 083005, arXiv:1901.01262 [astro-ph.HE].
  14. The Theory of Metaparticles, Laurent Freidel, Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman, Robert G. Leigh and Djordje Minic, Phys. Rev. D 99, 066011 (2019), arXiv:1812.10821 [hep-th].
  15. Rejecting cosmic background for exclusive charged current quasi elastic neutrino interaction studies with Liquid Argon TPCs; a case study with the MicroBooNE detector, MicroBooNE, C. Adams, et al., Eur.Phys.J. C79 (2019) no.8, 673, arXiv:1812.05679 [physics.ins-det].
  16. Double-beta decay of $^{130}\hbox {Te}$ to the first $0^+$ excited state of $^{130}\hbox {Xe}$ with CUORE-0, CUORE, C. Alduino, et al., Eur.Phys.J. C79 (2019) no.9, 795, arXiv:1811.10363 [nucl-ex].
  17. Neutrino-based tools for nuclear verification and diplomacy in North Korea, Rachel Carr, et al., Science , arXiv:1811.04737 [physics.soc-ph].
  18. First measurement of $\nu_{\mu}$ charged-current $\pi^{0}$ production on argon with the MicroBooNE detector, MicroBooNE, C. Adams, et al., Phys.Rev. D99 (2019) no.9, 091102, arXiv:1811.02700 [hep-ex].
  19. First measurement of the Ar$(e,e′)X$ cross section at Jefferson Laboratory, H. Dai, et al., Phys.Rev. C99 (2019) no.5, 054608, arXiv:1810.10575 [nucl-ex].
  20. Monte Carlo simulations of trapped ultracold neutrons in the UCNτ experiment, UCNTau, Nathan Callahan, et al., Phys.Rev. C100 (2019) no.1, 015501, arXiv:1810.07691 [physics.ins-det].
  21. A new wormhole solution in de Sitter space, De-Chang Dai, Djordje Minic and Dejan Stojkovic, Phys. Rev. D 98, 124026 (2018), arXiv:1810.03432 [hep-th].
  22. Measurement of electron antineutrino oscillation with 1958 days of operation at Daya Bay, Daya Bay Collaboration: D. Adey, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 241805 (2018), arXiv:1809.02261 [hep-ex].
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