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The Raju Raghavan Memorial Fund

Raju's wife, Pramila, has pledged a significant contribution to initiate the Ramaswami S. Raghavan Endowment. According to her specifications, this fund will be used to support the continued pursuit of Raju's passion and life's work, in perpetuity. We feel that the best way to achive this goal is by the creation of the Raghavan Post-doctoral Fellowship. Raju was always a strong supporter of junior scientsists. After joining Virginia Tech he worked to create new positions in neutrino physics which resulted in the hire of three junior faculty: Jonathan Link, Patrick Huber and, although he did not live to see it, Camillo Mariani. All of us here at Virginia Tech fondly remember long conversations over coffee: debating physics and absorbing his sage advice. Our hope is that the sprit of Raju Raghavan will live on in the young careers that the Rahgavan Fellowship will support.

Contributions may be made to the Virginia Tech Foundation for the "Raju Raghavan Memorial Fund" and mailed to the address below. Checks should be made payable to the "Virginia Tech Foundation Inc." and include "Raju Raghavan Memorial Fund" in the memo section.

Virginia Tech
Office of Gift Accounting
University Development (0336)
Blacksburg, VA 24061


You may make a gift right now using Virginia Tech's secure (online form) and your credit card. To ensure that your donation is routed to the Raghavan fund, on the the first page of the online form (the "Gift Information" section, see figure below), please click on the "Enter your own" button and write "Raju Raghavan Memorial Fund" in the box that says "Select the areas that your gift will benefit".

Then fill out the rest of the form as instructed.

For more information or to learn about other ways to give to this fund please contact Jenny Orzolek, Director of Development for the College of Science, by phone at 1-540-231-5643 or by email ar jorzolek@vt.edu.

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